Summer Snack 2014 Volunteer for Pride UBC!
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Summer Snack 2014 Events!

The Pride Collective's Summer Event's for 2014

Stay tuned to this page for specific locations, accessibility information, facebook links and times. We hope to also attend the Trans and Genderqueer Liberation March as information becomes available. 

J U N E 22: Crafternoon, 1 PM- 6 PM at the Resource Group Centre Lounge, SUB 245 (elevator to second floor located on main floor by by blue chip cookies)

Come knit, draw, crochet, paint, journal, scrapbook, colour, paint, or otherwise relax . We'll have some creative tools on hand!

gender neutral single stall accessible washroom on same floor as RGC

J U N E 28 : Group Outing to East Van Pride

J U L Y  3 0:: Board Games and Video Games Together---Moved to July 30th

J U L Y 15: Zine making, supplies provided, for 24 hour zine thing

Zines! Zines! Zines! Talk about the perfect medium. Easy to read, easy to make. Why, I bet we could whip some up in less than 24 hours!

Join us this week as we throw together zines for the month-long optional event: 24-hour zine day! We'll be kicking it at Calhouns, with occasional stops to the printers for scans or fresh crafty materials. If you've never made a zine before, there'll be a slough of scrapbooking veterans to dish out help when you need it. If you're a veteran yourself, you'll be in good company. Come for the whole 24-hours, or just stop by to see what everyone's working on, a perfect escape from the Vancouver heat. 

Calhoun's is wheelchair acessable with some table legwork, but, as it is a public space that we are not renting out, we will not be able to enforce a scent policy.

For more info on 24-hour zine day, check out the official site here:

We hope to see you there!

J U L Y 25: Tie Dye and Fabric Paint Together

August 1: Pride Goes to the Trans, Genderqueer, Two-Spirit Liberation and Celebration March

At 5:30 this friday is The Trans, Genderqueer, Two-Spirit Liberation and Celebration March ! (

We'll hang out and then make our way over as a group along with anyone who would like to join us!

Beforehand, over at the Resource Group Center, Student Union Building 245C, we are going to gather, eat snacks, make signs, paint shirts, dress up and otherwise prep for the march.
Then @ 4:30 we will head over together to Clark Park, the starting point of the march! The folks over at the March are hosting sign making starting at 5:30 and marching at 6.
The full details for its accessibility, route, as well as suggestions for celebration and protest are over at their event page.

The Resource Group Center sits on the second floor of the SUB, elevator accessible via a lift next to blue chip cookies. The Second floor also has a single stall, gender neutral, accessible washroom.

A U G U S T 3: Let's Watch the Pride Parade Together

The Pride Collective may also have a spot in the parade for anyone interested in joining us in the parade, we are currently in the midst of logistics and planning for this

A U G U S T 11: Picnic, Games, and Relaxation at Kitslano Beach

A U G U S T 20: Let's Screen Print Shirts Together

A U G U S T 30: Goodbye Summer Party in the Student Union Building

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Queer this Week July 7th

week at a glance 

Hello folks! Welcome to the Pride UBC newsletter!

If you're new to PrideUBCyou can get involved! In addition to our open positions, we also have a volunteer mailing list for anyone who wants to help out with our events. Simply contact us at with your email if you want to keep up to date with volunteer information. If you'd like to visit us in person, our office is on the top floor of the SUB in Room 245C.

Our current events are as follows...


Our first summer meeting will be on Friday, July 11th at 2pm - 3pm in SUB 245, the resource group center

We welcome all members to join!

The minutes from our general meetings can be found at:

Summer Snack 2014 Events

J U L Y 15: Zine making, supplies provided, for 24 hour zine thing
J U L Y 23: Tie Dye and Fabric Paint Together
J U L Y 3 0 :: July Gaymes!
A U G U S T 3: Let's Watch the Pride Parade Together
The Pride Collective may also have a spot in the parade for anyone interested in joining us in the parade, we are currently in the midst of logistics and planning for this
A U G U S T 11: Picnic, Games, and Relaxation at Kitsilano Beach
A U G U S T 20: Let's Screen Print Shirts Together
A U G U S T 30: Goodbye Summer Party in the Student Union Building

discussion groups

All Discussion Groups are on Summer Hiatus

open positions

For those of you who want to get involved, we have many positions that need to be filled! Check out the Get Involved page on our website for more information and our People page for information on open positions. Feel free to come talk to us at our meetings or send us an email for more information!
You do not need any specific formal experience to run for a position, nor do for the majority of the positions do you need to be a current UBC student! A detailed list of the function and responsibilities of each position are detailed in our constitution, which can be found at:

community notices


Genderfest 2014: An East Van Celebration of Queer Pride
Dates: July 12 - August 3

From the About Genderfest page
Genderfest started as a response to a lack of programming for people of all genders during Pride.

In addition to providing events for people of all genders, Genderfest is based on a philosophy of inclusion and our values reflect that. Whether you're trans*, genderqueer, any flavour of sexual orientation, an ally, two spirit, a person of colour, unemployed, living with disability, a youth under the age of 19, First Nations, new to Canada, in recovery/sober, or anyone else, you deserve to celebrate Pride with your community!

Genderfest is a way for us to push our elbows out onto the buffet table of queer Pride and say "We're having this too!"

Genderfest takes place on unceded Musqueam (Coast Salish) Territories. 

For more information on events, check out their events page here

Telling it Bent Drop-in Youth Writing Workshop

Dates: July 8 - August 26

From their website,
Telling it Bent is a drop-in writing workshop for queer, transgender, Two Spirit, and questioning BC youth, ages 14-25. It's a place to meet other queer and trans artists; to express and imagine together; to learn and nurture writing, editing, performance, and publication skills; and together create a safer and encouraging space.

Sign up with their online registration form on their website:

All Bodies Swim

Next Date: July 12 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: Templeton Pool, 700 Templeton Drive, Vancouver, BC. Unceded Coast Salish Territory

From their poster and website,
Trans folk, queers, people of colour, fatties, scars, fur, mobility aids, inked, pierced... This is a pool party celebrating all bodies!
Suggested donation of $5-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds
Accessible gender neutral change areas, chair lift, & wading pool. All ages. Access inquiries welcome.

Queer Film Festival : Call for Volunteers

Interested in summer lovin’ FUN with some awesome perks? 

Want to MEET NEW FRIENDS in Vancouver? 

Earn FREE TICKETS to hot new queer films from around the world and here in Vancouver? 

End your summer in style with an awesome appreciation PARTY! 

Here is your chance! 

We need all kinds of Volunteer positions to be filled (just to name a few): 

Office Volunteers

Street Team

Parties and Special Events

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop knowledge and skills. Most roles require 

no prior experience. Training and orientation will be provided prior to the festival. 


Box Office

Graphic Designers

NEW VOLUNTEERs apply today at:

Queer Arts Festival

QAF 2014 embraces the premise that art can be dangerous, even revolutionary. In the intimate act of sharing as artists and audiences we find meaning and transformation. And from that vulnerable place, we find the strength to change the world.

ReGenerations is a celebration of our queer heritage — fecund, generative, and innovative, handed down by artists across generations and national boundaries. QAF 2014 foregrounds cross-generational collaboration with a lineup of artists aged 18 to 80, mentorships that team up emerging with established artists, and programming that connects historical queer icons to our living, contemporary art practice. This year’s festival brings together artists navigating queer identity across the international diaspora, hailing from over 20 countries including Australia, Brazil, the Cree Nation, India, Iran, Russia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. ReGenerations also speaks to healing and renewal, addressing topics such as addiction, and solidarity for those struggling for queer rights internationally and at home.

Highlights include Sunny Drake’s transdisciplinary exploration of addiction and recovery, X; the debut of Canada’s first professional queer classical choir Cor Flammae; master harpsichordist Colin Tilney Celebrates LXXX, and Queering the International, the visual arts exhibition curated by Laiwan with curatorial assistant Anne Riley.

QAF 2014. Dare to be challenged. Risk being changed.

July 23 - August 9th

LOve Events

For more up-to-date events listings, check out the facbook page for LOve Events.

One of our coordinators, Ivan, has been featured in their weekly community stars post c:

Outweek 2014

We are excited to present OUTWEEK 2014: a week full of laughing, (un)learning and love! This year, OUTWEEK is running from February 8th-14th, and is focusing on the tensions and power at play within attempts at forming communities like Pride UBC and spaces of solidarity that reflect the realities of queer lives, power and identities. Queer U will start us off, and we will end with a dinner and party on Friday!

Check out the schedule below for the workshops, activities, discussions and entertainment we have planned.

Accessibility: If you plan to attend an event, please take a look at the event-goers section of this accessible events checklist. All OUTWEEK events are free and include snacks. We want everyone to participate in OUTWEEK as much as possible; if there is anything we are not doing to facilitate your participation, or if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at



12:00-5:00PM | Queer U Academic Conference: Minds, Bodies, Communities | IKB 261


10:00-11:00 AM | Opening Ceremony | SUB Flagpole
11:00AM-2:00PM | Family Time with Pride UBC | SUB 207
3:00-4:30PM | Shakesqeare (Queering Shakespeare) | SUB 211
5:00-6:30PM | Intersections of Race & Indigeneity with Queer & Trans* Identities | IKB 185
7:00-8:00PM | QTIPOC Experiences & Unlearning | IKB 157&158


12:00-2:30PM | Arts & Crafts & Chats | SUB 207
2:30-4:30PM | Creating a Culture of Solidarity | SUB 211
7:30-8:30PM | "She's A Boy I Knew" Documentary Screening | IKB 461
8:30-10:00PM | Non-Binary Experiences & Unlearning | IKB 157&158


11:00AM-3:00PM | Resource Fair | SUB Conversation Pit
2:00PM-4:00PM | Body Mapping | SUB 207
6:00PM-7:30PM | Examining Serophobia in Queer & Trans* Communities | IKB 261


12:30-2:00PM | Unpacking Violence in Queer Communities | SUB 216
5:00-7:00PM | A Totally Queer Tea Party | SUB 245 Resource Groups Centre
7:30-10:00PM | Once Upon a Queer Cabaret featuring Floyd VB | Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre


10:00AM-1:00PM | Fuck the Cistem March | Meet at SUB 245 Resource Groups Centre
3:30-5:00PM | Body Politics Workshop: Fat Oppression in Queer and Trans* Communities | BUCH D 312
7:00-11:59PM | A Totally Queer Valentine's Dance Featuring Rae Spoon | SUB Ballroom

Other awesome events happening during Outweek

Fri, Feb 14th @ 8:30pm: Plenitude Magazine presents an evening with queer writers, featuring Amber Dawn @ Café Deux Soleils

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